OK, I confess I'm a more than a bit fascinated by technology. 'Boys with toys' as many women like to say (although I've met my fair share of geeky women too). I'm not sure what this blog is about except me making comments about technology from time to time. Is that enough?

Love of Apple Mac?

Most folks who know me think that I've got serious 'geek' potential. That is because I use Apple Macintosh computers quite intensively. I bought my first Mac (Mac SE) in 1988 - and I still have it and it still works. However, until recently I have to say that I really did not like the company Apple. I've found that time and time again, the famous care and attention to the paying customers has been totally absent in my dealings with the company. Maybe it is because my first dealings with the Apple company was with an Apple dealer based in Scotland and somehow the Menlo Park mind set didn't travel across the Atlantic Ocean. Or maybe it was because I was a penniless postgraduate.

I've always found that Apple, the computer company, seemed to treat me the paying customer, with the respect…

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